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December 7, 2008

Ben Offroy _ Paris, France

Born in Paris in 1979, Ben a mass media child.

Advertising posters are my wallpaper, TV is my window to the world. I have been raised by the communication flow, saturated with shapes and colors, fantasy and violence, fashions and statistics, insignificances and essences.

In my work, creepy characters caricaturing our society come on stage and evolve on a post-apocalyptic battle field, at the same time fairy-like and rusty, in a place somewhere between a theme park and the Gobi desert…

Just like science fiction, I deal with current concerns, such as ecology, hyper consumption, spirituality, violence, by imagining a futuristic world, synthesis of Mad Max and the Wonderland.

A self-taught artist, Ben currently lives and works in Paris.


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