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December 8, 2008

Damon Ginandes _ Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn-based mixed-media artist, Damon Ginandes' attraction to New York City graffiti as a teenager left an indelible mark on his illustrative style which incorporates bold, angular lines and forms. His current work expands on this influence, exploring and blurring the boundaries of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional, fusing the human figure with abstraction.
In 2007, his large-scale public mural on Degraw Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn gained him international recognition and established him as an emerging talent in cutting-edge urban art. On the heels of his successful August 2008 solo show premier, Dimensionals, at Artbreak Gallery in New York, his work has been exhibited in London, and can be found in private collections worldwide. 
Damon Ginandes' recent studio work is populated by ageless, anonymous and solitary beings trying to break free from their own space of flat lines and distorted forms into the space where dimensions meet. At their command and armed with mixed-media relief techniques, wires, and acrylics, he has brought them to a place devoid of context or references, the space between, where they finally choose to reside.
Caught in this spatial ambiguity, his starkly silent, yet intensely present characters stare longingly -- a mute communication from which a distinct visual and psychological intimacy emerges.


Posted by Anno Domini


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