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December 8, 2008

Nancy Spoelhof _ San Fransciso, CA

For both painting and drawing I employ a process that involves working on several pieces simultaneously over the course of many months. While in the studio I first establish a framework of intersecting shapes across the pieces. As the shapes distill into a sort of architecture I focus on finding the natural spaces where the figures fit.

With the emerging figures, a feeling of social structure begins to take shape with the personalities of the subjects being conveyed through the contrast of their individual postures. The figure or figures within a given piece influence, and are influenced by, the surrounding pieces in a similar way to how styles and ideas develop within a social group.

The titles come last and, for the most part, are meant to elicit a conversational feeling. The way that bits and pieces of sentences filter in as you move through a group of people. The momentary context is established for the individual piece, distinguishing it from the group as it leaves the social context of the studio.

Nancy Spoelhof holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.


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