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December 6, 2008

Panthelion _ 2 Gig USB with 3 albums worth of music & more!

Panthelion recently released this custom 2 gig USB flash memory stick that comes packed with preloaded audio, visual and printable content. With 3 albums worth of music, 1 hour of HD live videos, and a 36 page PDF e-book of original Panthelion music manuscripts; this is a great gift for the music loving geek!

This USB memory stick is reusable. Dump Panthelion content to your computer and start reusing this powerful 2 gig memory stick for all sorts of your music/picture/file moving needs. The best part, this Panthelion USB is made out of a custom laser engraved wood casing that gives off an earthy, organic feel.

Panthelion is the leading archetype of a dynamic new musical genre known as "nu class" a term that has been coined from audience descriptions of the Panthelion experience. Nu class stands for New Urban Classical music an art form dedicated to exploring the spiritual and artistic depths of sound and structure forged into live performances in primarily contemporary popular music venues. Stylistically nu class draws on elements of jazz, classical, tribal, urban-groove, hardcore and electronica. Panthelion's current instrument lineup includes piano, upright bass, cello, trumpet, percussion, voice, electric guitar, loopers and live electronics.



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