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December 10, 2008

Sara Antoinette Martin _ Brooklyn, NY

Sara Antoinette Martin is a young up and coming illustrator/artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from eastern Long Island, Sara graduated from The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn with a degree in Illustration and hasn't left the borough since. Often working with themes of sexuality, anger, and grossness, she creates carefully crafted images in multiple mediums. She filters through her influences from traditional tattoo art, vintage swimsuits, gnarly skate graphics, masonic symbology, fins, gills and flowers, to create a unique visual language.

Sara also makes toys, comics, and picks up freelance illustration. Sara has shown in galleries all over the country, including the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, and is in multiple publications, such as Kidrobot's "I Am Plastic." She is currently a residident of the Gowanus Studio Space, a NYFA organization.


Posted by Anno Domini


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