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December 15, 2009

Saddo _ Berlin, Germany

I am mostly attracted towards a fantastic sometimes horror imaginary - I don't know how to explain exactly why, I've always been attracted by dark, surrealistic, bizarre imagery, since I was a kid and I was watching tons of horror and fantasy movies. Depending on my mood the images I create, are either very dreamy, colorful, smooth, with a fantastical feel, either really dark, horror, sharp, monocromatic drawings. Sometimes I go abstract, when I don't feel like drawing, I'm just playing with colors and textures and graphic signs, symbols, etc. So I guess I have a few alter egos who consecutively take over my personality....or something....

One of my first influences was a friend of mine from my hometown, used to watch those movies together, and then draw what we saw, even tried to make some kinda sci fi, horror comics.

And then of course, my girlfriend Heliana (Aitch), one of my fave artists, had a big influence on my style, techniques, etc, but also the hundreds of artists whose works I follow every day on their blogs and flickrs, I guess they all have more or less impact on my imagery, style, technique, etc

Probably movies and books have a pretty important influence, though I cannot specifically identify which artist or which movie or book had an influence on which particular work of mine, they're all mixed up there in my head and they just come out from time to time, sort of like dreams. Recently I started to make up a story behind each character I create.....some sort of really short biography, written in 1st person, from the character's point of view....

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