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October 6, 2020

Gilbert1 _ Assemblages

Gilbert1 (b. 1980, France)

Assemblage #12 by Gilbert1
paper, wood, spray paint, silkscreen on cardboard, 11" x 8"

Silkprint by Gilbert1
print on 300g paper, numbered edition of 50, 9.75" x 4.5"

Assemblage #13 by Gilbert1
paper, wood, spray paint, silkscreen on cardboard, 11" x 8"

Gilbert1 has participated in several group exhibitions at Anno Domini including the international group show Graffuturism 6-year Anniversary Exhibit in May 2016.

About the Artist
Coming from the graffiti scene (which he started in the early 2000s), he rolls out his art from wall to web, from photography to installations, from sculpture to painting. This remarkable, multidisciplinary self-taught artist has found how to go beyond reality that affects him and a society he cannot understand, by using all tools and mastering all techniques. His fragile looking works depict the torments inside, while his source materials betray their violence. Yet his vivid colours convey hope.

While all seems to be chaos, Gilbert1 meticulously rebuilds, repaints and fixes matter and materials. He reinvents and uses the objects that riddle his quest, while colouring, installing and positioning them. He turns them into frail sculptures, monumental paintings or obvious installations (like that produced in 2012 for the Bains Douche artistic residence in Paris).

He claims to be in love with Mathieu’s gestures and influenced by the work of Miro, Tapies and Picasso. He is a child of Raw Art, attached to « graffuturism », Gaudi’s architecture and the works of Georges Rousse. Yet Gilbert1 is above all inspired by the places he visits (where he still paints and holds artistic residence) and by the history that marks the man and his time. By the architecture he explores and the streets he contemplates. He turns his colours into a tool. He does not fill in or hide, he reveals. Keenly attached to the real-life experience of his finds, he extracts their essence, diverts their meaning and gives them new life.

He has exhibited and painted in Paris, Lyon, St Etienne, Marseille, Stuttgart, Rome, Barcelona, New York, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco or even Berlin. He now lives in Nancy. ~Valériane Mondot

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