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October 7, 2020

Edgar Saner Flores _ breathe

Saner (b. 1981, Mexico)
medium: acrylic and colored pencil on cotton paper, 17" x 17"
­čö┤ SOLD.

Saner's debut gallery exhibition was confesiones de una mascara in April 2009 at Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Edgar "SANER" Flores, contemporary artist, painter, illustrator and graphic designer, was born in Mexico City in 1981, son of Oaxacan mother and Hidalguense father, the third child of 5 siblings. From an early age, he was interested in drawing and caricature, developing his first strokes at the age of 3 years and continuing into graffiti as a teenager, later graduating as Bachelor of Graphic Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, FES Acatlán.

As a child he grew up in the State of Mexico and vacationed surrounded by his mother's family in the city of Matias Romero Oaxaca, it was then that he began to be interested in Mexican culture and tradition, especially masks. Ever since the last year of his degree and up to 5 years after he was dedicated to designing and advertising, later to fully engage in the graphic arts, developing initially with grafitti and specializing in mural painting and easel painting; with Saner now converting from a pseudonym to his artistic signature.

The work of Saner is well known for representing situations of everyday life, adapted to their hermeneutical language, forming both a political and social discourse, through characters with pre-Hispanic reminiscences and various paradoxes that create profound reflections on the essence and connection with the inside.

Masks are the main element in the work of Saner, influenced by the Mexican folklore with characters and animals such as jaguars, coyotes, gods and skulls; referring to the emotions that represents each character showing its true face and reflecting the mysticism of Mexican culture.

Saner is one of the most representative contemporary artists of the century for Mexico and the world. ~ Lizbeth Hidalgo V.

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