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October 6, 2020

Saiman Chow _ Ghost

Saiman Chow (b. 1976, China)
acrylic on board, 15” x 12”, 2019

Saiman Chow exhibited at Anno Domini in May 2002 with individual and collaborative works with his brother Albert.

About the Artist
Saiman Chow has always been an outsider and uneasily defined. Starting with a move across the globe to a new country at an awkward age, to an unconventional career path, Chow’s restless curiosity has led him to pursue many disciplines, while developing his unique approach over the past two decades. His works range from illustration, design, animation, fine art, directing, stop- motion and live-action.

Chow’s client list includes Apple, Adult Swim, Nike, Adidas, Rayban, New York Times, Coachella and many more. He is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and his work has been exhibited in widely in galleries and museums in the U.S.

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