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November 22, 2020

Denis Korkh _ Heads of Kings

Denis Korkh (b. 1986, Ukraine)
Heads of Kings scattered across sand. Sun is crazy. And then there is that hole. That hole I used to love explaining. That hole from which all heads are birthed. That hole in THE theory of everything.
acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36", 2020

Denis Korkh had a solo exhibition entitled In Borges' Labyrinth September 2018 Anno Domini.

About the Artist
I try to position myself so as to have _____ find me, possess me, and to create through me. It's always feeding time but I don't always come around. More often now than before anyways. I know now there is a philosophy that lays it all out but I only recently put the heart and the pen to work. What can be written down - I now bother to find it. I draw a map. It's a kind of ritual of a reverse hunt. Makes sense? And for all the explaining I can muster, I just can't bring you to it. But I hope the side-effects.. the carnage in its wake is like a little gift you can take into your homes.

Posted by Anno Domini


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