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November 22, 2020

MonkeyBird _ Visionnaire

MonkeyBird (est. 2010, France)
gandmade stencil, spray paint, acrylic on oak wood, 46" x 36", 2019

MonkeyBird's debut U.S. solo exhibition was Sediments in November 2019 at Anno Domini.

About tthe Artists
MonkeyBird is the collaboration of two French artists, who have chosen to transcribe social themes into mural fables, through the representation of totem animals with elaborate symbolism. 

The bird is used as the personification of the human soul from which the notions of freedom, escape and mind games derive. The monkey refers to the primitive human condition and to the means implemented to resist our own nature. It therefore echoes the principles of architecture and social apparatus. MonkeyBird encourage humans to find the right balance between material obsessions and fantasies of freedom in order to build themselves as a social animal. Their inspiration is mainly drawn from sacred or lyrical works such as illuminations, stained glass windows, architectural ornamentation but also fantastic illustrations from the "Arts and Crafts" period or Japanese prints. 

The two artists began to work in the streets before moving to the walls of museums and institutions. However, they do not abandon their first place of expression and multiply the techniques and visual experiences depending on the space selected: stencils, engravings, linocuts, research into subtractions of the material, drawings, cutouts or canvas posters. glass. Artists with striking graphic originality, they feed the international urban landscape with the poetry of their works.

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