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November 16, 2020

Zero Cents _ Sodom and Gomorrah

Zero Cents (b.1986), U.S.)
Sodom and Gomorrah
watercolor and ink on paper, 27.5" x 21.75", 2020
đź”´ SOLD.

Zero Cents has had two solo exhibitions with Anno Domini: A Human Race in August, 2014 and A Planetary Profile in September 2017.

About the Artist
Zero Cents is an American-born, Earth based artist living and working around the globe. For the past 15 years the artist has been working both in studio and on the streets, by painting murals and creating site specific installations. The artist's work deals with observations on people surrounding him; the lovers and fighters, party-ers, the thinkers, the dancers and the damned.

Through his work, the artist attempts to document the energy the human race creates, the wisdom, morals, values or lack of them that they pass on. While conducting this research, he communicates the subjects’ movement and energy, on a variety of surfaces-from found wood to city walls, using various mediums and techniques without judgment, using these components as a metaphor for forgiveness, hoping to show the human race as it is, in the most authentic and honest way he feels possible.

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