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March 16, 2021

Black Dagger Group Exhibition

Pictured artwork by Christopher Scott

ANNO DOMINI // the second coming of Art & Design is proud to present the debut exhibition of Black Dagger Books; a group exhibition of tattoo artists featured in their first year of publications.

Black Dagger Books are a series of inspirational collections of works by prolific modern tattooers. Launched in the beginning of 2020, they have featured over a dozen artists diligently making an impact on the industry by showcasing the art, design, and ideas being made that augment their tattooing.

Through monthly publications and gallery exhibitions, Black Dagger is a highlight to some of the most innovative creatives in one of the oldest art forms in human history. As an ongoing volume of books featuring a roster of artists dedicated to their work, this anthology will remain a staple of inspiration for years to come.

Featured Artists:
George Campise (Berkely, CA)
Josh Chapman (St. Louis, MO)
Deno (Madrid, Spain)
Will Geary (Chester, Cheshire UK)
Chad Koeplinger (Nashville, TN)
Salty Walt McDonald (Guanajuato, Mexico)
Shamus Mahannah (Montreal Quebec Canada)
Christopher Marchetto (Northhampton, MA)
Lorena Morato (Cologne, Germany)
Joseph Nickley (Northern, NM)
Samuel Parker (Louisville, KY)
Robert Ryan (Asbury Park, NJ)
Christopher Scott (Albuquerque, NM)
Marie Sena (Dallas, TX)

For more information on Black Dagger Books, please visit their website at www.blackdaggerbooks.com

Exhibition dates: March 5–April 10, 2021

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