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September 15, 2021

LeonKa _ Imago Philosophia solo exhibition

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design is proud to present:

Imago Philosophia by LeonKa (Spain) solo exhibition

LeonKa returns to Anno Domini with Imago Philosophia; a new series of prints in his signature palette of rich black and luminous gold. The subject of his work deals with various philosophical topics, among which knowledge and causality are the most important. For this, the function of the objects is used in order to understand the symbolic meaning of the terms assigned to the objects. Thus, we see a work dedicated to causality according to David Hume, another dedicated to causality according to David Lewis, and yet another to certain medieval and Renaissance conceptions on the same subject such as those explained by Francisco Suárez. Likewise, we will find several works dedicated to a type of knowledge derived from the experience gained by observation. Several ocular instruments and eyes are used illustratively to capture this knowledge (by observation)

About the Artist:
LeonKa is a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona. He obtained it with a thesis on ontological dependence relationships. He started writing graffiti in 1991 and was part of the ONG streetart group. Currently he also performs tattoo work at Etther museum (Valencia) and Ondotattoo (Barcelona). He has spent years studying iconology and scientific models, trying from the function of the objects to find a new symbolic content.

LeonKa has had several solo exhibitions in Spain & Germany, as well as featured in group exhibitions in England, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, France, U.S. and Spain. Things, Mereology and Schemes at Anno Domini in August 2016 was LeonKa’s first solo exhibit in the U.S.A. He currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Exhibition dates: August 6–October 16, 2021

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