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from NY – new works by: AJ FosikMonster Projectkgbe RotGut

Artists' Reception:
November 5th, 8 p.m. 'til late
Music by: DJ Aidan
Admission: free
Exhibit Dates: November 5-25, 2004

Parts and Labor exhibit announcement

Parts and Labor installation
Election Night at Anno Domini

AJ Fosik
is originally from Detroit, now hailing from Brooklyn. He combines images and iconography carefully collected and scavenged from past traditions both real and fabricated which are interpreted and woven together to create a trenchant body of work that is equal parts signage, folly and hard luck story.

AJ Fosik and KGBE RotGut installation
AJ Fosik and KGBE RotGut installations

kgbe Rotgut has become a prominent figure in the illegal street art movement in NY over the past couple of years. Much like his work on the street, the pieces in this show are inspired by and use materials found in the blighted urban areas of North American cities. His newest series of paintings and sculptures blend the convoluted complexity of 19th century maps of America with the raw beauty of rusted metal and chipped paint. Obscure vestiges of our nation’s sordid past are constructed in new ways to form a unique visual experience.

Monster Project 3-D installation

Monster Project looks to give a face to the cannibalism of urban life, a face to that which is always eating itself, a face to that which is our Cities. Monster Project seeks to highlight the unnoticed, to find the forgotten. Monster Project is about pointing out what is already here around us with the hope that it may encourage the act of looking around. Monster Project looks to inspire the act of taking a moment to stop and to see again. Monster Project is about noticing the beauty that naturally happens in these places we call City.

Over the past four years, the Monster Project team has created site-specific installations focusing on forgotten corners. Often requiring extensive planning and late night execution, each piece becomes a story, each installation and adventure. No two are exactly the same, as no two locations are ever identical. Conceived in Providence, Rhode Island in November of 2000, Monsters have feasted on Providence, Boston, New York and Rome, Italy.

Download the Parts and Labor
exhibit catalog. (2.7mb)

Parts and Labor exhibit catalog

AJ Fosik
AJ Fosik working on his exhibit

Monster Project
Alex creating the first 3-D Monster Project

Will aka KGBE installing

Fosik's untitled head
Fosik's untitled head awaiting installation

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