Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design

underSkatement Film Festival
24 films - 100 minutes
produced by David Franklin and Jason Thrasher

Now in it's second year, the underSkatement film festival is the first nationally touring forum to exclusively showcase the creativity of skateboarder filmmakers both on and off their boards. These short films and videos encompass a broad spectrum of subjects that may or may not include skateboarding, although its influence is evident throughout. The films in this year's selection range from the spiritual and philosophic to skit comedy to B-movie gore to skater-related documentary. The festival will appeal to all audiences as each film/video is well made and imaginative. Highlights include: Cold Water, a short film by Vellucci & Gonzales staring skateboard legend Mark Gonzales, a short documentary about graffiti artist BIGFOOT by Reid van Renesse and Skating Through The Ashes, an insightful piece about the Berkeley fires by Ben Galland and Billy Hanley.

Since the premier in San Francisco, the show has gone on to tour major cities in the U.S., as well as Canada, Germany and Australia.

Friday March 28th
two shows: 7pm & 10pm (doors open 30 minutes before showtime)
Q&A with local filmmakers to follow each screening.
$5 at the door

The Program


Requiem for the 110 images
by Ward Howarth, music by Matthew Comptom
“A tribute to New York City firefighters after Sept.11th.”

Cold Water
by Vellucci & Gonzalas, starring Mark Gonzalas
3 “Skateboard-legend Mark Gonzales showcases some of his artwork while rolling through the streets of San Francisco.”

Ringo Levio by Matt McGrath
“Super 8 skateboarding set to music by Empty Sea”

Promo Video
by William Vernon Lemon III
“An interesting young man’s fragile comic take on our crazy workaday world.”

Everything Fell Into Place
by Travis Foster Kopach & Kean Adam Levreault
“A hypnotic mosaic of moving images.”

Film Not Titled Yet
by Coan “Buddy” Nichols & Rick Charnoski
“A preview of an upcoming full-length super8 film about the amazing new skateparks shot in the Pacific Northwest.”

Of Wolf and Limb
by Corry Adams & Alex Craig, Staring : Keegan Sauder, Quinn Starr, Samual Murphy, Clayton Rivard, Joel Dickie and John Rattray “Schlock horror and wicked stunts combine in an edgy psychological thriller.”

The Jesus Saves
by Jon Ehinger
“An eerie montage of film-images highlighting the presence of The Jesus in hundreds of modern films.”

by Mike Fox
“Super8 skateboarding set to music.”

by Stevie Salisian, Staring Mike Shafer & April Geary
“An in-depth look at the mating rituals and habits of very large insects.”

The Legend of BIGFOOT
by Reid van Renesse
“Documentary about the secretive graffiti artist and designer.”

Ice Skater
by Toad
“Professional skateboarder Justin Strubing skates a giant block of ice. Whoa!”

Skating Through The Ashes
by Ben Galland & Billy Hanley
“A documentary about the tragic Oakland Hills fires of the early 90s and how pool skaters were then able find new terrain.”

Fast Pass
by Bobby Fiction
“Animated public transportation hijinks.”


Pink Collared Capers
by Don Goldberg
“How Silly Pink Bunnies Godfather Jeremy Fish spends his days.”

Minor Movie
by Jon Minor
“Beautiful Super8 landscapes and stop-motion animation set to music.”

by Paul Schiek & Chris Duncan
“A billboard re-appropriated by artists not advertisers.”

Theraputic Frenzy
by Brendan Chisholm & Scott Reynolds
“A beautifully shot and edited piece about an escaped mental patient.”

Black Out
by Satva Leung
“Excellently edited trailer for a skateboarding video.”

A Day Like Today
by Jeycob Carlson w/ skating and editing by David Appel,
music by DJ Shadow
“A moving tribute to the things and people we remember after they are gone.”

Solder “you got that Captain”
by William Vernon Lemon III
“Substance-fueled character comedy.”

Downhill Chong
by Jason Thrasher and Kenny Kilfara, music by Empire State
“The true story of an incredible young man facing life’s dilemmas bravely.”

A Slight Introduction to Paul Urich
by John Trippe
“A look at San Francisco artist and skateboarder Paul Urich.”

Concussion “King of Zines: The Concussion Documentary”
by Dave Amell
“Skateboarding that will never make it onto ESPN, and a look at the art and music that drives it. Concussion Magazine covers it all.”

The World’s Best Drug
by Travis Foster Kopach & Kean Adam Levreault
“Re-edited stock footage and original video make a compelling statement about our favorite prescription lobotomy.”

march 2003 A.D.