October 12, 2020

MMXX Anno Domini 20th Anniversary Exhibition (First Decade)

MMXX A.D. 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design celebrates 20 years of street art, subculture, and art as activism exhibitions by visionary artists at the forefront of our current urban contemporary art movement.

Our curatorial vision was one of independence and rebellion and the art work that moves us the most comes from those same principles although in extremely diverse forms of it. Painters, illustrators, tattoo artists, woodcarvers, low-rider bike makers, sign painters, tech artists, spoken word poets, performance artists, live loopers and musicians make up our family tree and legacy. The thread that binds us all is our hope that those that experience the work by these artists will find a truth and beauty in these images & performances of not only what is, but perhaps more importantly, what can be.

We are truly honored to have worked with these artists and the hyper-local to global community of admirers and collectors we've met along the way. We look forward to the next 20 years with you all.

The "First Decade" exhibition dates: September 18–October 17, 2020.

(The "Second Decade" exhibition will open first Friday November 6, 2020).

Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant August 2000 Anno Domini

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~ Anno Domini

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Adrian Lee _ Great will be the Martyrs

Adrian Lee (U.S.)
Great will be the Martyrs in Heaven
acrylic on wood, 2003 A.D.

Adrian Lee solo exhibition Action Reaction at Anno Domini September 2003. Lee returned to the gallery with group exhibitions and book releases for his BloodWork Sleeves in November 2009 and BloodWork Bodies in October 2011.

About the Artist
Adrian Lee is a tattoo artist and owner of Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv (ATAK) SF and SJ. Lee has published many books including "Action Reaction" featuring all the work in his solo exhibit of the same name, and several tattoo art books including "Suits Made to Fit," "Full Coverage", "BloodWork" and most recently "The Path: Corpse LIght".

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October 10, 2020

Dimitri Drjuchin _ Peace Keeper

Dimitri Drjuchin (b. 1980, Russia)
Peace Keeper
acrylic, pen, and resin on wood. 9" x 12"

Dimitri Drjuchin has had two solo exhibitions with Anno Domini: Cloud Empire in April 2010, and The Melting Kingdom in August 2011.

About the Artist
Dima Drjuchin is an artist/musician who was born in Moscow, but grew up making images and sounds in New York City. Wielding the culmination of human potential wrought from the depths of the bicameral mind, Drjuchin’s art is a hyperdimensional machine that invokes creatures who come bounding forward with affection and recklessness. These are not the Icons of the Byzantine Church—they are the new Incarnated Symbols of the Multiverse. Drjuchin allows us a glimpse into a fractulated moment of cultural hypnagogic modality and an opportunity to alter our perspectives of reality.

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October 9, 2020

Katy Horan _ Eve

Katy Horan (b. 1980, U.S.)
gouache and flashe on paper, 26" x 23" framed, 2019

Katy Horan's solo exhibition "The Deep Dark...." was September 2008 Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Katy Horan is an artist and illustrator originally from Houston, Tx. Since receiving a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2003 her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums nationally and internationally. She was included in the 2011 Texas Biennial, was a finalist for the 2015 Hunting Art Prize, and has been selected three times for New American Paintings. She is the illustrator of the book Literary Witches: A Celebration of Magical Women Writers, and the Literary Witches Oracle Deck, both collaborations with writer Taisia Kitaiskaia. Other Illustration clients include Birth. Movies. Death, Pop Up Magazine, and Cadabra Records. She lives and works in Austin, Tx.

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October 8, 2020

Bill Daniel _ Illinois Street, Y2K

Bill Daniel (b. 1959, U.S.)
Illinois Street, Y2K
unique Chromogenic print, 13.75" x 18.75"

Bill Daniel has made several stops at Anno Domini including August 2004 with his hobo campfire installation "The Girl on the Train in the Moon" and July 2005 with the film screening of "Who is Bozo Texino?".

About the Artist
Texas-born, San Francisco exiled, and confirmed tramp, Bill Daniel continues to experiment with survivalism and bricolage in his attempts to record and report on the various social margins he finds himself in. Currently based on the Texas gulf coast, Daniel divides his time between Texas and touring. 

Daniel's work has received awards from Creative Capital, Film Arts Foundation, The Pioneer Fund, Texas Filmmaker Production Fund, the R & B Feder Charitable Foundation, and The Western States Media Alliance. He was a Wattis Foundation artist-in-residence at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where his installation "Souls Harbor" was exhibited in Dec. In 1999 he was in-residence at The Headlands Center for the Arts where he produced several multi-projection 16mm film installations, including "Trespassing Sign" in collaboration with the late Margaret Kilgallen. In 2001 his hobo campfire installation "The Girl on the Train in the Moon" was included in "Widely Unknown" at Deitch Projects in New York.

A veteran of the touring circuit, Daniel has programmed, booked and exhibited several mobile art shows. In 1997-98 he curated a weekly screening series, Funhouse Cinema, in Austin, that also weekly screened in Houston and San Antonio. Daniel is also recognized for his work as cinematographer and editor for filmmaker Craig Baldwin. Other endeavors include zines--contributing photography to The Western Roundup, a punk fanzine in 1981-82 designed by Michael Nott, and publishing/editing Detour, a situationist journal, in 1986. He is also the creator of an experimental sports league, The Texas Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Hockey Association.

Bill Daniel was awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in 2008. He has exhibited film, photography and installation work at The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Sweets Lounge, Biloxi, MS; The New Museum, New York; Wayward Council, Gainesville, FL; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; 24/7 House, Columbus, OH; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Beehive Collective, Machias, ME; Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis; Sky High Skateboards, Milwaukee, WI; IFFR, Rotterdam; OKC Infoshop, Oklahoma City; Redcat, Los Angeles; Moose Lodge #1735, Austin, TX; Deitch Projects, New York; Railroad Blues, Alpine, TX; Sluggos, Pensacola, FL; The Smell, Los Angeles; Plan B, New Orleans, and several hundred others.

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Fernando Chamarelli _ Panspermia

Fernando Chamarelli (b. 1981, Brazil)
acrylic on canvas, 23" x 15.5"

Fernando Chamarelli's U.S. debut gallery exhibition was Pangea in August 2010 Anno Domini. Chamarelli returned to the gallery in August 2018 with the solo exhibit "Multiverse".

About the Artist
Fernando Chamarelli is a visual artist and illustrator, with a degree in graphic design. After testing several techniques, and trying different types of art, he develop his own visual signature. Currently the work developed by the Brazilian artist is based on Quantum Physics, String Theory and The Multiverse.

In his creations the artist uses elements of different cultures. Civilizations from the past, present and future exist simultaneously. As characters full of colour that inhabit the micro and macro cosmos. Despite all the rationality and precision of Physics, the observer travels in a surreal world created by intuition and creativity.

Chamarelli tries to use a universal language to communicate, through sacred geometry and various symbols. Transmitting the message that everything is connected, and that in order to evolve we must perceive our connection with other human beings, animals, nature, and the cosmos.

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Stephan Doitschinoff _ Elijah

Stephan Doitschinoff aka C'alma (b. 1977, Brazil)
pencil on paper, 2008 A.D.

Calma's U.S. debut gallery exhibition was fim do mundo solo exhibition and site-specific installation in May 2008 Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Self-taught, Doitschinoff develops works in painting, sculpture, video, installation, and performances. Awarded “Most Promising Artist” by the APCA (Sao Paulo Art Critics Association), he has held exhibition in institutional spaces like the Irish Museum of Modern Art/Ireland, San Diego Contemporary Art Museum /USA, Fondation Cartier/France, São Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM)/Brazil, São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP)/Brazil, Afro Museum/Brazil, and The XXII Curitiba International Biennial/Brazil.

Doitschinoff has had two books published by the German Publisher Gestalten: CALMA, the Art of Stephan Doitschinoff (2008), and CRAS (2012). Among his recent projects, the church-sect CVLTO DO FVTVRV stands out with its diverse actions (Marches, Hymns, Church, membership, volunteer desk, neon, videogame) and the installation “Interventu” (2017).

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Andrew Schoultz _ Radiating Eye

Andrew Schoultz (b. 1975, U.S.)
Radiating Eye
acrylic on linen over panel, 18” by 18”, 2020

Andrew Schoultz exhibited paintings and site -specific mural at Anno Domini in October 2002 in a dual show with artist Sirron Norris. Schoultz also participated in the Shanty Town outdoor artists' village installation in August 2004.

About the Artist
Andrew Schoultz has a pictorial approach to social and political commentary. Through his paintings, drawings, murals, and installations, Schoultz uses symbols and iconography (such as the eye on a U.S. dollar bill, comics, 1990s clip art, and graffiti) to illustrate the weightier issues of contemporary life in America.

Although Schoultz exhibits in galleries and museums, he often works in large-scale installations and public murals with the intention of making his work available to the general public. In densely layered, chaotic, narrative imagery, Schoultz explores environmental crises like oil spills and natural disasters, political issues such as war and corruption, and the economics of globalization and capitalism.

Formerly based in San Francisco, Schoultz traveled the United States skateboarding and producing graffiti before being lured by the skate scene and lenient graffiti laws of the city in 1997. Schoultz currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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Megan Diddie _ pollen settles on her face under the tree of heaven

Megan Diddie (b. 1985, U.S.)
pollen settles on her face under the tree of heaven
Note about the medium:
This colored pencil drawing was done on handmade paper. I worked at Fresh Press Paper Laboratory in Champaign-Urbana for a little over two years making paper with different agricultural materials. The paper for this drawing was made with sunflowers I grew in my yard as well as recycled black cotton paper. I called this batch of paper Black Sunflower. This piece is part of a series about spring allergies and the plants that grow along the sidewalks and roadsides in Chicago.
12" x 9"

Megan Diddie has had two solo exhibitions at Anno Domini; April 2009, and November 2013. Diddie was also featured in the international four person exhibition "Glimmer" in April 2011.

About the Artist
Megan Diddie is a visual artist working with mixed media on paper, video, animation, artist books, and zines. She has a curatorial practice running Final Resting Place gallery with Tim Hogan. In her art practice human physiology, plants, systems, landscape, and digestion are some of the threads that cycle through her work. She aims to capture the idea that in hope there is both complexity and darkness; which for her inspires a more nuanced and honest examination of the human world.

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October 7, 2020

Addam Yekutieli Know Hope _ Regression

Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope (b. 1986, U.S.)
mixed media, 13" x 10.75, 2017
Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope debut solo exhibition and site specific installation Temporary Residence at Anno Domini in October 2008 Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope
Over the past decade, Addam Yekutieli (pseudonym Know Hope) has developed a visual iconography and language used to mirror real-life situations and observations, and document the notion of a collective human struggle. 

By creating parallels between political situations and emotional conditions, there is an attempt to perceive the political process and dialogue as an emotional mechanism, therefore making it a process that can be understood and participated in intuitively and not solely intellectually. 

These processes take place both indoors and outdoors, in the form of site-specific installations, murals and assemblages, combining ready-made materials, mixed media pieces, photographs and text. 

By placing these works in public spaces, Yekutieli aims to make the separation between the emotional and political non-existent, and allow the viewers to see themselves in the larger context of their surroundings simply by recognizing each other. 

Yekutieli lives and works in Tel Aviv. 

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Man One _ Espectro Tip

Man One (b. 1971, U.S.)
Espectro Tip
acrylic, oil pastel and aerosol on wood panel, 37.5" x 25.5", 2019

Man One exhibited a solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures at Anno Domini in March 2002.

About the Artist
An artist, curator, multi-award winning illustrator, mentor and entrepreneur, Man One believes in the transformational power of art and its power to save lives and make the world a better place.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Man One developed his love for art, developing his skills as a graffiti artist on the streets of LA. He honed his talents as a fine artist and understanding of art history at Loyola Marymount University where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts.

Over the years, Man One has worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control, The Mexican Consulate in the U.S., and most recently received a Speaker and Specialist Grant by the U.S. State Department to work with the U.S. Embassy in Panama.

In 2011, he was invited to North Ireland (twice) where he painted murals and conducted workshops to help foster understanding and mutual respect among young Irish Catholics and Protestants. He has led similar workshops in Japan, Germany, Mexico and throughout the United States.

Man One's art is comprised of his trademark bold, colorful art strokes and has been featured in ten solo shows, countless group exhibitions, and curated well over a hundred. His work has been exhibited in many museums including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, The Getty, Pasadena Museum of California Art, LACMA, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, Parco Museum in Tokyo and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

His artwork is collected internationally and has shown in galleries around the world including Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico, UK, Japan, and Switzerland among others. Man One and his art have been featured in many television shows such as MTV’s Pimp My Ride, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, America’s Next Top Model, and The Contender to name a few. On the silver screen he has appeared in John Tucker Must Die (Revolution Studios), The Roommate (Screen Gems), Burn Hollywood Burn (Cinergi) and featured in television commercials for Ford, Microsoft, Target, Verizon, and PPG Paints.

He has painted live on stage at some of the largest U.S. music concerts and festivals including tours for MTV with The Black Eyed Peas, De La Soul and Wyclef Jean as well as traveling across the country on the Van’s Warped Tour performing side by side with bands like 311, Blink182, and Good Charlotte. He has performed with music legends like George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic. Man One has been commissioned commercially by a plethora of corporations including Coca-Cola, Disney, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Carmax, Oakley, Dickies Girl, Pioneer, Symantec, EA Sports and Ubisoft to name a few.

Man One's artwork has been profiled and featured in a number of international magazines, newspapers and books including The L.A. Times, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Warp Magazine (Japan), Angeleno (USA), 38Times (Japan), Lowrider Arte Magazine (USA), Rime Magazine (USA), La Dolce Vita (Italy), Aelle (Italy), Backspin (Germany), Rap Pages (USA), “Graffiti World” (by Nicholas Ganz), “Painting the Towns: California Murals” (by Jim Prigoff and Robin Dunitz), “Graffiti L.A.” (by Steve Grody) and is mentioned in “The History of American Graffiti” (by Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon).

Man One's life work is about putting the power of art in the hands, hearts and minds of people all over the world. Everything Man One has done to date is about democratizing art and educating others about the unique value of graffiti art. Moving forward, Man One will continue his life's work as an artist, teacher and entrepreneur in order to empower mankind and facilitate a more beautiful, fair and just world through the power of art.

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Navin Norling _ Goldie _ Sneaker Toss

Navin June Norling (b.1970, U.S.)
Goldie, 2020 (sneaker toss)
spray paint, gold leaf, Nike Air Jordan Size 14

Navin Norling's west coast gallery debut was Bootleg Baby solo exhibition May 2006 at Anno Domini.

About the Artist
My work is connected to both urban and rural sensibilities. It examines classic Americana imagery against an urban backdrop of found materials to confront and comment upon popular culture and its signifiers, sayings, folklore and materialism. I was raised in suburban Northern California but spent summers on my grandfather's farm in California's central valley. My art is infused with the rugged relics of that rural setting. Nothing on the farm ever went to waste; all was recycled and re-used. The idea of finding alternative use in something abandoned and infusing it with these inspirations is an integral part of my work.

I have lived in New York City since the early 1990s. My art is a dynamic dialogue between modern pop-based imagery, urban graffiti inspired color palettes, found objects covered in urban grit and the richness of rural America. The result is an anthology of provocative sculptural objects and paintings that examines the rich American cultural landscape using humor and irony.

The act of processing city life and all of its textures and colors informs my work. The structures of the city, tattered and strewn with graffiti and urban detritus, begin to tell the viewer of the lives being lived inside the city’s walls. As an urban artist, all that is around me inspires me. I salvage through trash bins to recover materials as varied as windowpanes and wheelchairs. I create work that is made from the remnants of lives once lived and people gone before me. The images are significant in my personal as well as in our collective American history for their representation of and commentary on issues of power, class, geography, capitalism and inequality.

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Edgar Saner Flores _ breathe

Saner (b. 1981, Mexico)
medium: acrylic and colored pencil on cotton paper, 17" x 17"
$ 1900.

Saner's debut gallery exhibition was confesiones de una mascara in April 2009 at Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Edgar "SANER" Flores, contemporary artist, painter, illustrator and graphic designer, was born in Mexico City in 1981, son of Oaxacan mother and Hidalguense father, the third child of 5 siblings. From an early age, he was interested in drawing and caricature, developing his first strokes at the age of 3 years and continuing into graffiti as a teenager, later graduating as Bachelor of Graphic Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, FES Acatlán.

As a child he grew up in the State of Mexico and vacationed surrounded by his mother's family in the city of Matias Romero Oaxaca, it was then that he began to be interested in Mexican culture and tradition, especially masks. Ever since the last year of his degree and up to 5 years after he was dedicated to designing and advertising, later to fully engage in the graphic arts, developing initially with grafitti and specializing in mural painting and easel painting; with Saner now converting from a pseudonym to his artistic signature.

The work of Saner is well known for representing situations of everyday life, adapted to their hermeneutical language, forming both a political and social discourse, through characters with pre-Hispanic reminiscences and various paradoxes that create profound reflections on the essence and connection with the inside.

Masks are the main element in the work of Saner, influenced by the Mexican folklore with characters and animals such as jaguars, coyotes, gods and skulls; referring to the emotions that represents each character showing its true face and reflecting the mysticism of Mexican culture.

Saner is one of the most representative contemporary artists of the century for Mexico and the world. ~ Lizbeth Hidalgo V.

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Kevin Earl Taylor _ Ruminant

Kevin Earl Taylor (b. 1972, U.S.)
oil on panel, 36” x 36”, 2019

Kevin Earl Taylor first west coast solo exhibition (with a site specific mural) was Animalitia in November 2007 Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Kevin Earl Taylor is a native from Charleston, South Carolina currently living in Los Angeles, Ca.  In 1995 he received a B.F.A. from The Savannah College of Art and Design. Although primarily an oil painter, Kevin often interpolates audio/visual elements into a broadening productive practice. His work has been exhibited throughout the US, as well as internationally.

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Richard Colman _ Two Birds

Richard Colman (b. 1976, U.S.)
Two Birds
acrylic on canvas, 10" x 8", 2020

Richard Colman exhibited "Come to Me" solo exhibition at Anno Domini in August 2006.

About the Artist
Richard Colman's work is known for blending figurative imagery and bold geometry. Typically using symmetrical compositions, Colman explores themes of human sexuality, societal hierarchies, life and death. His work ranges from small to large scale painting, murals and installations. Colman has been working as a professional artist for over a decade and has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums throughout the world . Colman currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.

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Lucien Shapiro _ Who has been Human Evermore Figure One


Lucien Shapiro (b. 1979, U.S.)
Who has been Human Evermore Figure One
Bottle caps, street diamonds,studs, wire, resin, dime bags, rope, glue, baseball hat, wood, 79”x 24” x 24 “ 2020
Please inquire for pricing.

Lucien Shapiro's debut gallery exhibition was 1 WORLD let the world begin in February 2005 at Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Lucien Shapiro was born in 1979 in Santa Rosa, CA. He attended San Francisco Academy of Art University and received a BFA in 2003. Since then, he’s developed multiple practices, held residencies all over the country, and presented his work at solo exhibitions. The underlying and concurrent theme of Shapiro’s work revolves around painstaking repetition, meticulous attention to craft, and the transformation of everyday objects. He composes elaborately constructed masks and ornately armored weaponry and vessels, which examine a relationship between modern waste and memories of ancient cultural artifacts. Practices and customs from the past are brought back to light through his revival of discarded materials, transformed into objects analogous with self-protection. A laborious craft and meditative consumption of time transforms forgotten objects into nostalgically interesting and beautiful relics that compel viewers to reevaluate what our everyday possessions represent and mean to us. In an age of consumption, waste, addiction, and destruction, Shapiro’s work is vitally needed and relevant. Employing the theories of natural growth such as branches, root systems, and crystals, his work continues circling around to similar conclusions: that the end result is the same no matter what the work is; it always leads to personal growth and self-realization.
Select accomplishments: Coachella stage show 2015, 40 city world tour Performance entitled, “Fear Collecting Ritual, A Fools Journey” 2016, RBHOA Residency Winter 2017, TYDTYL Film Completed Summer 2018, FWMOA Solo Museum Exhibition October 2018, Solo Exhibition Maia Contemporary Feb 2019, Two gallery solo at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco Aug 2019, private residency at Capri in Marfa, Texas September 2019, Arvia residency and performance Los Angeles Oct 2019, Zona Maco art fair with Maia Contemporary 2020, SJICA “Sandbox” selected exhibition March 2021.

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AJ Fosik _ Lupine Tropion Three

AJ Fosik (b. 1975., U.S.)
Lupine Tropion Three
wood, paint & nails, 18"w x 18"t x 18"d, 2019

Fosik's debut gallery exhibition was RotGut at Anno Domini in September 2001. Fosik returned to A.D. in November 2004 with Parts and Labor exhibition with KGBE, and Monster Project.

About the Artist
AJ Fosik is an American artist who creates intricate, vividly colored three-dimensional pieces that reference folk art, taxidermy, and cultural rituals. Using hundreds of pieces of wood and found materials, he creates figurative and intricately designed three-dimensional works. His animal subjects and creatures are built using a complex assemblage of hand cut and varnished wood, painted in bright hues and layered into lattice patterns to create furry or feathered texture. Sharp teeth, claws and eyes emerge when the creatures are complete - some are constructed as freestanding sculptures while others are wall-mounted to a frame, referencing taxidermy practices.

Ideas of empathy and synthesis are a common duality in the work, whereby the anthropomorphized figures communicate the basic human condition. Totems and fetishes, as well as the “random, chaotic and arbitrary nature of existence,” fascinate Fosik; though less overt, the animals he creates represent a plethora of icons from various theologies, giving them the subversiveness of a cast of fictional, anti-religious gods. The artist delights in the endless interpretations the works have inspired in his viewers.

AJ Fosik has exhibited his works in numerous galleries throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

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Emek _ Rage Against the Machine

Emek (b. 1970, Israel)
Rage Against the Machine War Machine
screenprint limited edition, 1996

Emek Silkscreened Rock Aaarght! solo exhibition at Anno Domini in August 2000.

About the Artist
Emek graduated with a Major in Art, and a Minor in Unemployment. His first poster commission was done immediately after the L.A. riots/uprising of 1992, for a unity rally and concert held on Martin Luther King Day. “On scratchboard, I depicted an image of Martin Luther King Jr., rising above a concert crowd. No copies of this poster remain, but it does hold special meaning for me as the seed of my career”.

In Emek’s posters, psychedelic ‘60s imagery collides with ‘90s post-industrial iconography. To this collision of the organic vs. the mechanical worlds he adds humor, social commentary and fantasy. Even in the smallest details there are messages. All of Emek’s artwork is originally hand-drawn and then hand- silkscreened for each actual concert or event, usually in limited editions.

So far, his unique visual style has graced music posters on a diverse musical spectrum, from Blues legend B.B. King to the Beastie Boys. He has painted album covers for Neil Young and Pearl Jam as well as for many punk and alternative bands. He was invited to exhibit at the opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “History of Rock Posters” exhibition and has been featured in national and international magazines. As you read this, his work is permanently displayed in Hard Rock Cafes worldwide and shown in galleries across the United States, Berlin, London and Tokyo. In December 2007, Billboard named the top 25 rock posters of all time. EMEK garnered 3 spots on the list, the most of any single artist. In 2016, Emeks' Art swept the Pollstar Poster of the Year Awards being awarded first, second and third places.

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Shepard Fairey _ Website and Dis Obey

Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant (b. 1970, U.S.)
screenprint, edition of 100, 1999

screenprint, edition of 100, 1997

Shepard Fairey solo exhibition OBEY GIANT February 2000 Anno Domini.

About the Artist
American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, illustrator, and founder of OBEY Clothing who emerged from the skateboarding scene. He first became known for his "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" / OBEY sticker campaign while attending the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

He became widely known during the 2008 U.S. presidential election for his Barack Obama "Hope" poster. The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston has described him as one of the best known and most influential street artists.

His work is included in the collections at The Smithsonian, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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Kamau Patton _ TEL_ZINE

Kamau Amu Patton (b. 1972, U.S.)
Xerox, 11" x 8.5"
Screen Print, 18" x 12.5"
2 Broadsheet pages printed back and front, 24"x 22"
Packaged in pink anti static plastic

Kamau Patton was a featured artist in Soundscapes group exhibition in February 2001 Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Kamau Patton is an interdisciplinary artist and an educator whose projects take form through engagement with archives, documents, stories, and sites.

Xerox, 11" x 8.5"

Screen Print, 18" x 12.5"

2 Broadsheet pages printed back and front, 24"x 22"

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Sam3 _ Cats in the Garden

Sam3 (b. 1980, Spain)
Cats in the Garden
cyanotype on 300gr watercolor paper, 1/1 edition.

Sam3 debut gallery exhibition was in September 2009 Anno Domini with Exsitu Insitu. All the paintings on canvas and the accompanying animation in the exhibit were created on-site at the gallery in the 10 days leading up to his opening night.

About the Artist
Sam3 is known for creating massive scale silhouettes in urban spaces. He refers to his dramatic black and white works as “shadows.” The absence of defining details in his paintings allows for him to not only work quickly, but also makes the message more accessible. His seemingly simple style is dense with profundity; the work is a reflection of the human condition as viewed through the experience of his global travels.

Sam started drawing and painting at an early age. His first drawing classes were from a monk at the monastery near his home. When he was 13 he was fascinated with the graffiti culture in his small town and stole spraypaint from local shopkeepers (he was caught by police the first time he went out to write his moniker “BREAK.”) The following years were spent trading photos and zines with other graffiti artists through the mail.

After graduating with a fine arts degree from a Granada university, he worked as waiter, a roadie, an illustrator in Barcelona, and then in animation in Madrid for a year before he “slammed the door on alienation” and abandoned the path of a corporate future. In 2006, Sam made a vow to dedicate his life to his art and has since created murals all across the globe leaving metaphorical images that are to be deciphered and “owned” by the community.

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Miel Margarita Paredes _ A Herd, A Plague, A Murmuration

Miel-Margarita Paredes (b. 1977, Fiji)
A Herd, A Plague, A Murmuration
Discarded/recycled #2 and #5 plastics, 2019
Dimensions variable

Scrollwork Lobster
$150. (colors vary, please inquire)

Scrollwork Mouse
$70. (colors vary, please inquire)

Fly Rosette
$50. (colors vary, please inquire)

Miel-Margarita Paredes debut solo exhibition of her sculptures was Wholesome Assembly Required in November 2001 Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Miel-Margarita Paredes is a metalsmith, jewelry maker and stop-motion puppet skeleton builder. She was born in Suva, Fiji, where her neighbors owned a pig named Houdini because of his frequent attempts to escape into the mangrove swamp. Memories of that large smelly animal and the delicious dinner he became have stayed with Miel through her adult life, while she studied metalsmithing at California College of Art and Craft in Oakland and the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Her metalwork incorporates the animal figure and traditional ornamental devices to interpret the ways in which we humans manipulate our environment and the creatures in it to suit our needs. In 2019 she participated in the GLEAN artist residency at the Portland Metro Transfer station, collecting discarded plastics and making chased copper molds to recycle the plastic into ornamental scrollwork animals for A Herd, A Plague, A Murmuration. When not working on art or jewelry, she makes stop-motion puppet armatures at Shadowmachine animation studio. She lives with her husband, two children, two cats, five fish and is attempting to grow a wildflower garden outside her home studio window.

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October 6, 2020

Saiman Chow _ Ghost

Saiman Chow (b. 1976, China)
acrylic on board, 15” x 12”, 2019

Saiman Chow exhibited at Anno Domini in May 2002 with individual and collaborative works with his brother Albert.

About the Artist
Saiman Chow has always been an outsider and uneasily defined. Starting with a move across the globe to a new country at an awkward age, to an unconventional career path, Chow’s restless curiosity has led him to pursue many disciplines, while developing his unique approach over the past two decades. His works range from illustration, design, animation, fine art, directing, stop- motion and live-action.

Chow’s client list includes Apple, Adult Swim, Nike, Adidas, Rayban, New York Times, Coachella and many more. He is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and his work has been exhibited in widely in galleries and museums in the U.S.

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Gilbert1 _ Assemblages

Gilbert1 (b. 1980, France)

Assemblage #12 by Gilbert1
paper, wood, spray paint, silkscreen on cardboard, 11" x 8"

Silkprint by Gilbert1
print on 300g paper, numbered edition of 50, 9.75" x 4.5"

Assemblage #13 by Gilbert1
paper, wood, spray paint, silkscreen on cardboard, 11" x 8"

Gilbert1 has participated in several group exhibitions at Anno Domini including the international group show Graffuturism 6-year Anniversary Exhibit in May 2016.

About the Artist
Coming from the graffiti scene (which he started in the early 2000s), he rolls out his art from wall to web, from photography to installations, from sculpture to painting. This remarkable, multidisciplinary self-taught artist has found how to go beyond reality that affects him and a society he cannot understand, by using all tools and mastering all techniques. His fragile looking works depict the torments inside, while his source materials betray their violence. Yet his vivid colours convey hope.

While all seems to be chaos, Gilbert1 meticulously rebuilds, repaints and fixes matter and materials. He reinvents and uses the objects that riddle his quest, while colouring, installing and positioning them. He turns them into frail sculptures, monumental paintings or obvious installations (like that produced in 2012 for the Bains Douche artistic residence in Paris).

He claims to be in love with Mathieu’s gestures and influenced by the work of Miro, Tapies and Picasso. He is a child of Raw Art, attached to « graffuturism », Gaudi’s architecture and the works of Georges Rousse. Yet Gilbert1 is above all inspired by the places he visits (where he still paints and holds artistic residence) and by the history that marks the man and his time. By the architecture he explores and the streets he contemplates. He turns his colours into a tool. He does not fill in or hide, he reveals. Keenly attached to the real-life experience of his finds, he extracts their essence, diverts their meaning and gives them new life.

He has exhibited and painted in Paris, Lyon, St Etienne, Marseille, Stuttgart, Rome, Barcelona, New York, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco or even Berlin. He now lives in Nancy. ~Valériane Mondot

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Paulo Nimer Pjota _ Untitled

Paulo Nimer Pjota (b. 1988 Brazil)
mixed media on raw canvas, 20" x 18", 2009 A.D.

Pjota's debut gallery exhibit in the U.S. was in August 2009 at Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Paulo Nimer Pjota was born in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil in 1988.. He studied at the University Center of Fine Arts of São Paulo earning his Bachelor of Visual Arts. He is an artist of many mediums and prefers to work on large surfaces.

Each canvas is treated as a sketchbook of sorts in where you find a collection of images with no particular placement but each image intentionally. Pjota suggests an open narrative in no particular order but the order in which the viewer's imagination takes. His work confronts the viewer with a string of juxtapositions. The archeological artifacts are compared with soda cans, still lifes overshadowed by war and popular culture meets what once was.

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Yoshi47 _ Tokyo Party

Yoshi47 (b. 1981, Japan)
Tokyo Party
acrylics and resin on a handmade wood panel, 18" x 12", 2018
$ 3000.

Yoshi47 has exhibited at Anno Domini in numerous group exhibitions including the recent Dual Duel exhibit and created the "Welcome to Utopia" mural on the exterior of gallery's building with Yasushi Matsui in 2006.

About the Artist
At the age of twenty, he moved to California, U.S.A. to pursue an art career. He
spent four years in the Bay Area doing live painting and participating in both solo
exhibitions and art events. While living in San Francisco, he discovered a small
group of avid bicyclists and became a bike messenger. It was through his experience
as a courier that he found his essence of life and the conceptual basis
for his art. In 2006, he returned to Japan. Initially he lived in Tokyo, where he
continued to work as a messenger and became involved in the bicycle industry. He
eventually relocated to Kariya City for two and a half years to focus on his artistic
and business endeavors. In 2010, he spent eight months in Tochigi and afterward
returned to Tokyo. He is involved in art curating, graphic design, company/
collaborative projects, and continues to exhibit his artwork worldwide such as
Australia, China, America, Canada, France, Mexico, Sweden, and Taiwan. He
currently resides in a country side, Atsumi Peninsula, where he can ride a bike, surf,
fishing, camping and so many nature things.

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Paul Urich and Griffin McPartland _Paranoid Tiers

Paul Urich & Griffin McPartland Installation view

The Next War
ballpoint pen on found paper, 7" x 4"

Hurt Feelings
ballpoint pen on found paper, 9" x 6"

Whatever it Is
ballpoint pen on found paper, 7" x 4"

Pull Ups and Push Ups
ballpoint pen on found paper, 11" x 8"

ballpoint pen on found paper, 11" x 8"

Paul Urich exhibited at Anno Domini in July 2003 with his solo exhibition Clear Light, and returned to A.D. in 2004 in the trio exhibit Heartswork with artists Tiffany Bozic and Chris Duncan.

About the Artists
Paul Urich (b. 1974 )
Griffin McPartland (b. 1974)

Paranoid Tiers is a collaborative effort that involved Urich drawing a picture and mailing it to McPartland to add text. McPartland added random placements of words, comical social commentary, and other times a dark and emotional outpourings and paired them with Urich's take on traditional tattoo art.

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James Marshall aka DALEK
Space Monkey blah
acrylic on cardboard, 26" x 16", circa 1999

James Marshall / DALEK (b. 1968) exhibited with a solo exhibition in March 2001 Anno Domini.

About the Artist
Merging animation, Japanese pop art, and an urban aesthetic, James Marshall is best known for his Space Monkey character—a strange, vaguely humanoid mouse that he would depict in an array of bright colors and twisted circumstances, often wielding a butcher’s cleaver. Working under the name Dalek, Marshall expressed his ideas through the Space Monkey character until 2007, when he began working in a purely abstract style. He has always been engaged in skateboard and graffiti subcultures, and Marshall cites his two-year assistantship in the studio of controversial Japanese artist Takashi Murakami as a formative experience.

Marshall was born to a military family in New London, Connecticut and moved around a lot as a kid, finishing high school in Japan then living in Hawaii briefly before returning to the mainland.  The artist found his voice and identity in the subcultures of graffiti, punk rock and skateboarding. He earned a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1992 and acquired his BFA at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in 1995.

First rendered on a wall in Connecticut in 1995, the Space Monkey that has become synonymous with his name grew and evolved from Marshall’s love for Japanese pop culture, the “vibe” of the punk scene, street art and cartoons. Marshall maintains that the Space Monkey is not a monkey at all, but a mouse—his concept of a human being lost in a growing sea of technology and convenience.  Space Monkey became Dalek’s alter ego, a medium through which he expressed his emotions, ideas and concerns.

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David Choe _ Untitled

David Choe
spray paint, acrylic on wood, 40" x 24", 2006
Please inquire for price.

Street artist David Choe's first exhibition (outside of an ice cream shop and a hair salon) was in 2002 at Anno Domini. Choe returned to the gallery with solo exhibitions in 2003, and 2006 A.D.

About the Artist:
Long famous for his fine-art work which has garnered the respect, admiration and adulation of institutions, museums, high-profile collections and fans around the world, David Choe is just as competent in front of a camera as he is on a canvas.

Working in multiple forms of media with a deeply engaged audience in the hundreds of thousands, Choe is one of the few fine artists to ever successfully make the jump from the museum world to the media world, with his only two network appearances being the extremely successful and high profile shows Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (CNN) and VICE (HBO). On the former, Choe was a featured guest and on the latter Choe served as both host and interviewer for multiple episodes; both shows went on to win Emmys that year for Outstanding Informational Series, with each episode that featured Choe being the most watched and commented episodes of that program’s season

Previous to these two network appearances, Choe translated his visual prowess for multi-platinum album covers (Jay-Z & Linkin Park: Collision Course) into directing well-regarded music videos for Dan The Automator (Gorillaz, Deltron 3030) and other musical artists. In addition, Choe provided the voice for the lead character in the breakout Sundance Film Festival hit We Are The Strange (2007) and was an integral part in the beginning days of VICE Media Inc.’s transition from traditional print media into more engaging video work where he collaborated on and conceived of two of the company’s most popular Internet shows: The Vice Guide To Travel and Thumbs Up!, the latter of which he served as the writer, director and star. Additionally, Choe provided further essential involvement in the form of composing music and creating graphics, animations and art campaigns for all the shows he was involved with.

His popularity and personality are proven to draw audiences. In 2012, Choe was dubbed “the prince of all media” by Howard Stern after appearing on his show where he went on to become one of the year’s most popular new guests; while a documentary about his life (Dirty Hands) became the most attended film at the Los Angeles Film Festival the year it premiered and further garnered multiple sold-out showings at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

From comics and books, to apparel and music, to films and television- everything Choe has been a part of has proven its success many times over. And just as Choe proved his commercial viability with his fine-art contributions to a diverse list of clients such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Sony Pictures, Fox Searchlight, Warner Brothers, CBS, Converse, Levi’s and Vanity Fair, he is once again proving his commercial viability as an immeasurable asset in other forms of media in front of the camera.

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October 5, 2020

JR Vala _ Sea Shell and Lady of Uruk

JR Vala
Sea Shell
stoneware, chiffon, brass, 20” x 9.5” x 5", 2018

Lady of Uruk
stoneware, brass, chiffon, 30" x 35" x 19", 2018

JR Vala
b. 1977, Madison WI
Currently resides in Cheshire OR

Vala has exhibited with solo exhibits at Anno Domini in 2001 featuring an igloo with buffalo installation and "Cloud Paintings," Vala's second solo exhibit was November 2002 with "The Dark Wood", and in June 2006 Vala exhibited with C. Ryder Cooley in "Deer Wood and the Coral Cavern". Vala's most recent appearance at the gallery was in May 2019's Dual Duel group exhibit with Kelie Bowman in "Goddess Talk" a (video) performance art piece akin to a public access show with New Age theme.

About the Artist

JR Vala is a multimedia artist working in ceramics, video, installation, and print. Vala received an MFA from University of Oregon and a BFA in painting and ceramic sculpture from California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. Her work has been exhibited at Truck Gallery (Calgary, Canada), V1 Gallery (Copenhagen, Denmark), Present Company (Brooklyn, NY), Torrance Art Museum (California), and has been featured in art fairs in New York and Miami, FL.  Vala was an artist in residency at Fjuk residency (Husivik, Iceland), Playa at Summer Lake (OR), Jentel (WY), Can Serrat (Spain) amongst others. She has received grants from the Oregon Arts Commission, PICA, and the Ford Family Foundation. Vala is part of a music and bi-coastal art collaboration Light Hits. Vala is part Ungrund Collective, a collective of female video artists who curate screenings nationally. Currently she is career faculty at the University of Oregon.

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Michael Page _ Captain

Michael Page (b. 1979, U.S.)
acrylic and oil on canvas, 20" x 16"

Michael Page exhibited "Hope Leaves" solo exhibition at Anno Domini September 2007.

About the Artist:
Michael Page’s work offers the viewer an optic alternative to the visual reality of life, as we know it. The artist’s characters and organisms inhabit otherworldly realms that are vaguely familiar in their resemblance to our shared reality, but are ultimately their own cosmic manifestation. Narratives of worlds in crisis, such as a self-imposed environmental degradation and the decline of civilization play out across the canvas. His enigmatic imagery is rendered in a rich and colorful palette of swirling and flowing shapes and line that create dynamic movement. The resulting liveliness of the work assists in aiding the viewer’s suspension of disbelief when contemplating the fantastical realities of the artist’s imagination.

Michael Page was born in 1979 and he lives and works as a full-time artist in Dana Point, Ca. He has shown his work nationally and internationally throughout both Europe and the United States, including the cities of Reykjavik, Berlin, Bristol, Rome, Sweden and Montreal.

“I have a few different ways when approaching a new canvas. One way is, I start throwing colors and shapes down until I find a format that I like and want to work with. Another way is, I start with a general idea of what I want to paint and start sketching forms and shapes, until my idea is flowing. Another way is I combine both, forms I have sketched out and throwing colors all over the place.

My paintings are always changing, from month to month they go through very radical different ideas and concepts until I find one that sticks. I am not partial to anything I create, I feel that everything can be destroyed until the true beauty rises through.

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MOMO _ Option 1

MOMO (b. 1974, U.S.)
Option 1
silkscreen print, acrylic on Arches 140 lb. watercolor paper, 19" x 13", 
embossed, numbered, & signed, 2016
This print is the Artist's Proof of the sold out print edition of 15.

MOMO exhibited at Anno Domini in 2010 with the solo exhibition "Better Than 2009".

About the Artist
MOMO is an American artist who began his experimental outdoor work in the late 90s, working with homemade tools and borrowed public space. Ten years of free ranging projects, centered around adapted masonry techniques, strategies based on collage, computer code, and seriality, came to form the basis of his visual language.

This language finds it's expression in paint, on commissioned walls and studio work from 2009 to the present day. Notable mural commissions include those from Facebook, Pepsi, the NFL, the World Trade Center, John Hancock Tower, Art Production Fund NY, European Capital of Culture, the NYC DOT, and Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3. However, self organized walls in Jamaica, Sicily, and Arizona (2013, 2016, 2018), painted at the artists expense, have been important in demonstrating innovative techniques for a general audience free of the usual commercial concerns.

In 2016 Maya Hayuk, MOMO, Swoon, and Faile inaugurated the new Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art in Brussels, with installations on five floors. Solo shows the following year 2017 were held at Delimbo Gallery in Sevilla and Alice Gallery in Belgium, with an experimental group show of Mark Flood, Revok, Paul Kremer, and MOMO at Library Street Collective in Detroit.

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Barron Storey _ The Stuff in the Gallery

"The Stuff in the Gallery"
mixed media on panel, 24" x 18", 2001 Anno Domini

Barron Storey has had seven incredible exhibitions at Anno Domini covering such intense themes as the Iraq war, victims, suicides, Bob Dylan, and composer Olivier Messiaen (featuring concert performances of Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time by Cellista and the Juxtapositions Chamber Ensemble).

About the Artist:
Barron Storey (American, b. 1940) is an illustrator, graphic novelist, fine artist and noted educator, Storey has created award-winning artworks for the covers and pages of Time, National Geographic, Saturday Review, and The Sandman: Endless Nights among many others including the cover of the classic novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding (1980 edition.) His artworks are held in the collections of the National Air and Space Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, and Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

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Alex McLeod _ Forest A.D.

Forest A.D., by Alex McLeod
inkjet print, 13"x19", 2020
edition of 10

Alex McLeod’s U.S. debut gallery showing was “Estates of the Splendrous and Secret” in September 2010 at Anno Domini. McLeod had created a new series of work commissioned by the gallery in conjunction with the 2010 01SJ Biennial.

About the Artist:
Alex McLeod (b. 1984) is a Toronto-based visual artist who creates work about interconnection, life’s cycles, and empathy through the computer as medium. Prints, animations, and sculptures function as gateways into alternative dimensions, oscillating between the real and the imagined.

McLeod holds a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design, and a Masters in Digital Media from the Yeates School of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University, Toronto. He has exhibited extensively at the provincial, national and international levels. His work is held in private and public collections including the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art.   

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Dante Horoiwa _ Vacuity Study 1

Dante Horoiwa
"Vacuity Study I"
graphite on paper, 23" x 16.5"

Dante Horoiwa's debut solo exhibition was "Indoctrination" at Anno Domini in March 2010.

About the Artist
Dante Horoiwa is a self-taught contemporary artist who was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1988, to a Japanese descendent family. Currently lives in the countryside of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Recently, Horoiwa has exhibited his paintings at the El Centenario Museum in Mexico, with further features in United States, South and North American galleries, Australia, as well as large scale murals on the streets of East and West Europe.

Using a placid colour scheme of neutral shades, Horoiwa’s paintings, drawings and murals possess a mysterious, spiritual and soulful tonality. His work delves into the depths of human experience to explore the seen and unseen, using familiar devices such as long hair, textiles, plants and threads to connect the various forms on his work.

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