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December 13, 2011

Daryll Peirce _ California

Focused on exploring the connectivity within humanity and its claims of control over social systems, habitat, nature, and future, Peirce's artwork pendulates between absolutes–such as optimistic or pessimistic, satiric or esoteric, pragmatic or spiritual, and bold or poetic. Grotesquely exaggerated human forms, arterial-botanic city organisms, and flowering interconnected urban clusters currently inhabit his psyche and spew into his work. On a more intimate level, his influences instinctively stem
from past and current environs, travel, exploration, skateboarding, surfing, day-dreaming, philosophy, and interacting with all forms of the human animal with a focused lens on the social outcast.

Daryll was born in Reno, Nevada in 1978 and and after receiving his BFA from the Rocky Mountain College of  Art & Design in Denver, Colorado, has since worked incessantly as a painter, designer, illustrator, occasional curator, and creative. His work has been hosted in multiple national and international exhibitions and galleries as well as on external public walls. His work has been in publications such as IdN, The New York Times, Blackbook, Print, Juxtapoz, various city papers and online at The Huffington Post, Wooster Collective, Slam Hype, Fecal Face, Hi-Fructose, Scene360, No New Enemies, Coolhunting, and Modart. Although he moves and travels often he considers San Francisco, California home.

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