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December 14, 2011

Gilbert 1 _ France

(Gilbert 1 w/ Iemza)

Coming out of graffiti / street art culture, Gilbert1 is into everything. His creations mix abstract paintings, typographies and inscriptions, photographs, onsite works, sculptures, installations, videos and screenprints.

His work is instinctive, related to a search for movement, and some deformation of space. The format or medium is of minor importance, so long as the entire piece achieves coherence between the primary emotion and the context of creation.

His work often draws inspiration from human or natural tracks. Starting from the hypothesis that a blank wall expresses little, and is void of any real-live experience, his artistic work develops within a logic of life of materials. A material bears the marks of its past, of its own history, the same way marks of their past life and history show on a human being's face, expressing their pains and joys.

Posted by Anno Domini


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