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December 13, 2011

Jake Watling _ California

Jake Watling spent his early childhood in central Florida, Ohio, and Minnesota. Having lived in many different places, he became interested in documenting his environment. He records his daily ideas and experiences through drawing, painting, photography, and writing. Watling is concerned about showing and experiencing life from different perspectives. He uses the different perspectives to open his eyes and the viewers’ eyes to new ideas about the world that we live in.

He forms his imagery by combining his recorded ideas and experiences with a personal language of signs and symbols. The signs and symbols take many forms, including: architecture, signage, people, animals, etc. His recent work investigates subjects such as fear, money, myth, and religion.

Watling utilizes a graphic style with a bright color palette that is formed by simplifying the given imagery and extracting colors used within the urban environment.

Jake Watling received his B.F.A. from the College of Visual Arts in Minnesota. He has exhibited his artwork throughout the Bay Area and in Chicago, New York, Brooklyn and Berlin, with solo shows in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Palo Alto, and Washington D.C. His work can be found in the Museum of Modern Art collection in New York.

Jake is currently living Oakland, CA.

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