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December 17, 2011

Lina Arias _ Columbia

Lina Arias has spent over 8 years exploring stories, text and images and creating a world she has imagined since her childhood through collage, installation, sculpture and painting. Lina presents aesthetics where shapes and vibrant colours interact to create surreal characters and fantastical worlds. These worlds she creates elicit in the viewer states and feelings of melancholy intertwined with fantasy.

The multiple possibilities that have resulted from her engagement with a diverse range of media have brought her to develop projects as an illustrator and art director as well as her participation in Urban Festivals as a wall painter and street artist. Street art presents to Lina a chance to explore the space, its dimensions and her interaction with the street, which she finds an irresistible temptation. She says that as an artist it stimulates her imagination and enables her to develop and enrich her skills in visual art.

Posted by Anno Domini


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