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December 13, 2011

Nuno de Matos (Matox) _ FRANCE

Nuno de Matos, aka Matox, has grown up at Saint-Céré, France, near the alelier of Jean Lurçat. He studied at the University of Toulouse, now he lives at Eus, a famous village in the French Catalonia.

He has drawn since he was a child and has painted since the 80s. His paintings have evolved from body diagrams to expressive abstracts textures. The basic line is the principal structure of his work.

Street art, urban art of the streets of Lisbon and Barcelona, and rupest art of his Quercy's roots have influenced his graffiti work. Bombing art, spray and calligraphy are explored in abstract and expressionist paintings. Tribal Graffiti, Webtagging and laser tagging are for him new ways of expression.

He produces video skinning for live performances (neograffiti, laser painting, projection on walls, graffskining, lightdesign, lightgraffiti), post-graffiti live in mix sessions. He works principally at Eus, but also in Lisbon, Toulouse and Barcelona.

His work has been shown in many projects, principally in the area of Post Graffiti events and multimedia installations all around Europe.

Posted by Anno Domini


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