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December 14, 2011

Rimon Guimarães _Brazil

Rimon is a young and talented artist from Curitiba, Brazil. His artwork often shows organic traces, hybrid forms and bold characters in a beautiful and unique style. Rimon’s first interests on art came from comic books/manga and graffiti, but now he also seeks influences on primitive art, Maya culture and botanic illustrators, such as Ferdnad Bauer and Ernest Haeckel. “I’m influenced by everything around me. I’m hyper sensible, that’s why I like to have a great contact with nature. Nature organization is a huge influence”, he says.

Rim’s works can be seen in the streets and in exhibitions, as the solo “Madrugada” (2007), Polinesia gallery and Laboratório Objeto Escarlate, Espaço +SOMA (2010), in Sao Paulo; “Voluvel” (2008) together with Pjota at the Parana’s MAC, in Curitiba; the group shows TRANSFER (2008 and 2010, in Porto Alegre and São Paulo) and Art Trek 7 (2010, Belgium) and earlier this year in two solo exhibitions, Maré Plena, Fita Tape gallery (Porto Alegre) and Descalzo, |/_ gallery (Buenos Aires).

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