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Primazons by Tyler Cohen – March 4-24, 2005

debut solo exhibit

In lieu of the nonexistent women’s studies program at University of Chicago, Tyler Cohen received her BA (1986) in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in anthropology, literature, and art.

By luck or determination, this self-taught mini-comics artist returned to school many years later to earn her MFA at California College of the Arts (2004). Anthropology, gender/sex, comics, cartoons, and science/fiction continue and return to be of ongoing interest in her life and in her work. Primazons is her debut solo exhibit.

Primazons by Tyler Cohen

works on paper and site specific installation

"The Primazons are at once beings of their own action and intent as much as they are cartoon space in which to explore questions, thoughts, and feelings regarding such areas as nature/nurture, female relationship(s), evolutionary state, and intergenerational development.

As cartoons, the Primazons exist as engaged narrative, enlivened by the complicit relationship between what is given by the image and what is brought by the "reader." The narrative is, hopefully, one of complexity and, at times, discomfort. Herein there are no clear answers. Enter the realm of the Primazons and enter a surreal, yet familiar space. The reader of this social landscape is put in the position of anthropologist or tourist, moving through territory that is both familiar and foreign–a place that is human, particularly female, yet strange. "Cuteness" and beauty become easy entre to what is actually dangerous and socially complex. Blood, thinned, appears pink; pink, condensed, takes on the threatening, layered significance of blood.

We live in times of change, filled with great potential, but with a foot mired in the past. If we truly hope to grow and evolve, we must look at ourselves, individually, societally and as a species, with honesty and with humor."

~ Tyler Cohen

Primazons installation
Tyler painted Primazons directly on walls for exhibit installation

Primazons reception
Opening Reception

Primazons installation
partial installation view

Primazons exhibit catalog

view exhibit catalog - pdf (948k)

Tyler Cohen installing Primazons
Tyler installing Primazons exhibit

Primazons installation
Primazon on gallery wall by Tyler Cohen

Primazons reception
Opening reception

Artists' Reception:
First Friday, March 4th, 8 p.m. 'til late
Music by: FuseOne and Ennui
Admission: free

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